Be A Lifesaver pilot project (UK)

Two mesages from Katie Kampling and Charlotte Newall from the UK:
Hi guys,

Just a quick update following the second training day todayfor volunteers on the Register and Be A Lifesaver pilot project.

For those of you who don't know, the project is training volunteers to deliver talks about bone marrow, blood and organ donation in colleges to 17 and 18 year olds.

They will go into two pilot areas, Bristol and South Yorkshire, as well as some talks in their own communities over the next few months.

There are three training events, delivered by the Anthony Nolan Trust and NHS Blood and Transplant. The first was in Birmingham last week, the second was today in Sheffield.

35 wonderful, committed people came to train. They shared some moving and amazing stories and we know they will do a great job of giving the message about donation to teenagers so they can make an informed choice about joining the donor registers.

It's difficult to explain how much it means to see people getting behind the cause in this way. It is a huge deal to me, everyone who campaigned with Adrian and, of course, his family.

This is the first step towards making Adrian's dream reality - having talks about donation given to sixth formers across the country, every year, as standard.
We are not there yet but this is a huge first step, less than a year after Adie started his campaign.

Go Adrian's Army!x
Katie Kampling


Hello Ann

Just a quick message to say there are really exciting times ahead for Adrian's Army! I went to the training event yesterday, met many of Adrian's friends and family and heard lots of inspiring stories. We had talks from the ANT, NHS Blood and Transplant, an amazing guy who'd received a double heart and Kidney transplant. We also learned a little about haematology (a lady who I think has a similar role to you - in that she co-ordinates stem cell transplants) We heard the experiences of people who have had succesfull stem cell transplants - and are currently being treated for the likes of leukaemia. Also a few people there had actually donated bone marrow / stem cells by both methods. Their experiences were extremely positive - and now I would feel less nervous should I ever be contacted to donate!!!

I have so much to learn - about not only the need for stem cell donors and the complicated workings of tissue-types, but also solid organ transplants and blood. I have to say, the more I go into it, the more fascinating I find it all! The people who were there were living proof of why it's so important. I felt humbled that as an ordinary member of the public, besides volunteering as a donor and giving blood, maybe I can make a difference. What is exciting is that this has worldwide implications, certainly in terms of recruiting healthy young people onto the stem cell donor registers!

The format of the talks and the ideas they gave us for presentations are amazing. I think the 16 and 17 year olds WILL sit up and listen. Also Adrian's video (we all have a copy to show students) and our "tool kit" a book of facts and figures will guide us. Kay and Keith are so lovely - so determined that this message will go out to ALL teenagers and Adrian's dream will come true! For my part, I'll try my best to do my bit.

Love Charlotte xx


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