Happy Holidays from the Anthony Nolan Trust (UK)

Deze mooie kerst- en nieuwjaarswensen kregen we van de Anthony Nolan Trust (UK). Enorm waardevol en dus een plaatsje op ons blog verdienend...
Dear Valued Supporter,

Thank you for all your support this year. With your help we have given 733 patients the chance of life.

We're delighted to send you a seasonal message. Please click below to retrieve it-


Don't forget that you still have time to support our lifesaving work by sending your greeting cards virtually. For more information please visit-


Kind regards and all the best for the festive period and 2009.

All at The Anthony Nolan Trust

p.s. if you are aged between 18-40 and are in good health, make your New Years resolution to give a patient suffering with leukaemia the chance of life. Go to
http://www.anthonynolan.org.uk/ for more information.

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